A Hidden Gem of a Burger

by Steven Doyle

Let me tell you about this new burger I tried this past weekend at the most unsuspecting place to have one. In fact, when I mention the name you will most likely think I am quite insane for even ordering this new-to-me burger. I spent my brunch time Sunday at Malai Kitchen, the cute West Village eatery that serves up a fantastic twist on Thai and Vietnamese food. 

This burger is not for the faint of heart. Instead you are served this Sunday only burger that is action packed with flavor that is made with beef and pork for maximum impact, and topped with a fresh herbed salad and aioli and accompanied with house-made potato chips and a Sriracha ketchup.

I will find it difficult to visit Malai without thinking about this burger. In fact I will have a difficult time driving past West Village without wanting one.

Tomorrow we share the rest of this brunch, but we thought this burger deserved a mention of its very own.


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3 responses to “A Hidden Gem of a Burger

  1. Rob

    Looks and sounds really good – will have to try soon.

  2. Yum. And those pickles look delightful.

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