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Spam, Spam, Spam, Spam at the Fair

by Steven Doyle

With the first full weekend of the Texas State Fair behind us today brings a bit of whimsy in the Creative Arts Building as we celebrate everything made with Spam.  Considered by most one the more unusual and most exciting food events at the Fair outside the traditional pie contest.

We stopped by this morning to visit the Spammers as they rolled out a large variety of Spam dishes, including an Eggs Benedict, tacos and a whole host of pastries.  

Peter Bothum from Hormel Foods, makers of the canned meat product, was on hand for the 21st annual eventat the Texas State Fair  using Spam, “We have a lot of creative dishes out here and it is fun to see how the people are using spam to spice up their food. This is a whole lot of fun, and it is hard for me to pin down which is the best.  That is why we have all these experts here to taste and judge for themselves.”

We spoke with one of the many folks who made a special trip to the Fair to watch the judging of the Spam entries and Jenny Holbrook of Plano offered, “I don’t know why this is so intriguing to me, but me and my friends come out for this every year.” When asked if she used Spam at home to make any of the past recipes, Holbrook smiled and said no.

Spam has a great worlwide following and even a fan club that you may join for all the latest in Spam.

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