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Hennessy Throwdown

by Farah Fleurima

Last night I attended an invite-only bash thrown by Hennessy to celebrate its limited-edition bottles designed by NYC artist KAWS. It took place at my favorite downtown party venue, the PM Gallery, and the scene was funky. The walls were emblazoned with snippets of KAWS’ bottle art and a display of the special containers anchored the room.           

Girls with cotton candy-colored hair looked like characters from a Dr. Seuss book, although the potent cocktails they brought around dissolved all notions of rhyming kiddie books!

But, wait — Hennessy cocktails? YES — the party feature four phenomenal varieties.

The Hennessy Citrus was my favorite by far, with its sweet almost honey-like flavor. The Hennessy Ginger was a close second with its throat-tickling spiciness that was somehow still refreshing. The Hennessy Tropical wowed my friends, but I found it to be too tart; same with the Hennessy Raspberry.

As we sipped the bevs, a never-ending array of hors d’oeuvres from the Joule Hotel swept through the room (and, man, I need the recipe for their chicken salad!!) — they even served dessert! Utter deliciousness …

This party wasn’t just about imbibing, though — there was a tattoo artist inking guests with sparkly, temporary Hennessy labels. Sadly, I never got around to getting mine — but… I did hit the photo booth with my girlfriend, which is always good, silly fun. And as I left, I was gifted with one of the numbered, small-production KAWS bottles of Hennessy! Talk about a nightcap. And what a blast….


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