Pie Judges Make Better Lovers

by Steven Doyle

One of the best jobs going at the fair this year (besides the voice of Big Tex) is without a doubt that of the food judge. These are the people that come in each week to review the large variety of cakes, pies, candy and a whole host of categories.

Sure, there are a few oddball categories like Jello molds and Spam bake-offs, but without a doubt happy are the ones judging the pies.        

Pie day brings in the most observers; literally hundreds of people swarm the Creative Arts building. Contestants plan for the day a year in advance, taking a vacation day for the event. Though out the contestents they are busily baking new ideas and testing the recipes on friends and work-mates.

When the final day comes bakers meet the other 240 entries which can overwhelm the judges who are split into teams. Each judge can taste over 30 pies, even if just a nibble.

The judges are not paid but are rewarded with a golden ticket that allows free entry for the remainder of the Fair season.

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  1. Trina

    How do you become a judge?

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