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MFA Event & Texas Veggie State Fair

What’s better than one vegan charity event in Dallas? Two!

Mercy For Animal’s Executive Director, Nathan Runkle, will be in town to host MFA’s charity event on October 22nd. From 7-10pm Sons of Hermann Hall (3414 Elm St., Dallas, TX) will be filled with vegans, vegetarians and animal lovers of all diets. The event will be a kick off for the Texas Veggie State Fair and raise funds to support the MFA efforts in the DFW area.

There are lots of great things going on at this event. The all vegan menu will be catered by your known favorite,

Spiral Diner, your yet to be known favorite to be, VSPOT Vegan Café, and the amazing Crosby Catering & Coffee. These three names alone should have you headed to buy your tickets. This is a great chance to get a sneak preview of some of the VSPOT menu items before they open and sample the veggie-liscious stylings of Chef Jeanette Prasifka (check out her Celebrity Chef demonstration at the Texas State Fair Tuesday October 18th at 2:30).     Vegas to Dallas DJ Andy Svoboda will fill Sons of Hermann Hall with tunes suitable for chilling and dancing (buy him a drink and say ‘Hello’…he’s got jokes). If you’re lucky you can get Nora Kramer, the MFA Texas Campaign Coordinator, out on the dance floor. Just don’t ask the New York via San Francisco two-step (although I highly doubt DJ Andy has any country in his play list).

“Vegetarianism is a growing trend in Texas as more and more people recognize that replacing meat, dairy and eggs with plant-based alternatives is a great way to protect their health, the health of the planet, and animals,” says Nora Kramer from Texas Mercy for Animals.

Other highlights will include a silent auction, raffle items, and inspirational discussions on the work Mercy For Animals is doing all over the country. You might be surprised at how hard Nora and her band of interns work to educate DFW on eliminating animal cruelty and promoting a plant based diet for the benefit of our animals, our bodies, and our planet. Mercy For Animals is a great place to start for those that are veg-curious and looking for a way to move away from a meat-centric diet as well as a great resource for those that are already vegetarian or vegan.

It’s sure to be a great night of fabulous food, music, drinks, education and fund raising for a good cause. I’ve got my ticket……get yours early and save $5 (although you’re welcome to donate that extra $5 to MFA).

Advance tickets are just $20, and tickets are $25 at the door. Tickets can be purchased at the Veggie Fair website. All proceeds go to Mercy For Animal’s work to protect farmed animals from needless suffering.

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