Mr G’s in Plano Offering Huge Tasting

by  Monica Rachel

I don’t know how many CraveDFW readers are also avid listeners of The Ticket (1310am), but those who are have probably already heard about a great event coming up this Thursday. While I am a huge fan of Veritas on Henderson and their oft imitated – never duplicated free wine tastings, the event I’m about to tell you about is, in my opinion, one of the best free tasting events in the metroplex. I don’t want to wait until Friday to let people know I was there, that would just be selfish! Here’s the scoop:

Every few months The Ticket’s Hardline (Mike Rhyner and Corby Davidson) broadcast a show live from Mr. G’s Beverage and Deli in Plano. During that broadcast, Mr G’s owner Robert Gartner and his staff pull out all the stops. The fact that this event is free really makes it worth the drive to Plano.  

When I went to the first one of these last year, I was surprised at how HUGE this place is and how much wine they have. They told me it’s the largest beer and wine store in Texas stocking over 450 domestic Cabs. Thursday, they will have tables set up throughout the store and over 2 dozen domestic and international wines open for tasting. Reps will be discussing each wine and offering discounted prices.

The craft beer selection and tasting can’t go without mention. They have in stock every beer Robert has been able to legally get his hands on. I didn’t know there were over 75 Belgian Beers, but they have that many at Mr. G’s. The beer selection includes domestics, imports, micro brews and craft beers. They will be pouring samples of over 20 of those and discounting them too. I think it is neat that you can purchase all sorts of different beers as singles.

For those who fancy themselves beer connoisseurs, there’s even a vintage beer tasting. There surely won’t be an unlimited number of slots to get in on that one though.

I’m also planning to hit the deli in back for a mid-tasting break. They have great sandwiches and salads with some organic meats even available by request. Mr. G names his menu items after people and that includes a sandwich named after my hubby and me. Let me know if you try it!

If somehow free beer and wine aren’t enough reason to get you off the couch or out of the office a little early, I’ve also heard they are giving away a trip for two to Las Vegas, Dallas Stars tickets and some other prizes.

As awesome as the two events I went to before were, Robert told me he is planning to make this the biggest and best one yet. He’s going to be giving huge discounts that make this a great day to stock up for the holidays. Maybe I can borrow a Suburban or Navigator from someone to have room to take everything home. Is it time to go yet?

Thursday, November 10  3:00-7:00pm
 Mr G’s Beverage Center & Deli
1453 Coit Road (at 15th Street)
Plano, TX
(972) 867-2821

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