A Beautiful 3-Course Tasting at Bijoux

by Steven Doyle

This past Monday we were invited to stop into Bijoux, owned by couple Scott and Gina Gottlich, and sample Monday evening 3-course dinner they are offering for the low cost of $39 per person.  The special dinner includes an appetizer or salad, entrée and a dessert or cheese course, all to be selected from a specially prepared menu of seasonal ala carte choices.

It had been some time since we last stepped into the tiny French-inspired restaurant located on Lovers Lane just to the east of Rise No 1, the other French-inspired restaurant in North Dallas.  As remembered, the restaurant is beautifully appointed and comfortable.   

The wine selection was still as magnanimous as we remembered, with selections carefully chosen by sommelier Gina Gottlich.

As we perused the menu for the special dinner, we also were reminded of the doting service provided by Bijoux. The staff buzzed around the room with a magician’s flair for slight of hand, pouring wine and water as needed. Although they could be seen, they were seldom heard, and nearly blended into the scenery. This is a feat not often found in Dallas restaurants.

Although we were there to taste Gottlich’s Monday tasting, visions of Pheasant “Coque au Vin”,  Truffled Risotto and Soft Shell Crabs rang into our hearts.  However, the choices for the three course dinner were just as upligfting.

The courses were prepared and timed wonderfully, and we even spotted Gottlich as he made a quick trek across the room to greet what seemed to be familiar faces to the chef.

Here are a few courses we enjoyed…

An amuse of this goat cheese ball dotted with lemon gastrique

Creamy Carrot Soup

Black Truffled Airline Chicken

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