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First Look: Mr. Mesero

by Steven Doyle

Mico Rodirguez is back and blazing guns at his new restaurant, Mr. Mesero. The quaint former location of the ill-fated Burger Girl located at 4444 McKinney Avenue holds a dozen four-top tables with an additional communal table outside that seats about twelve people.

I stopped by Mesero today for a bite and found the food much different than I had imagined. There were some Tex Mex items, but the menu also had a Mex Mex aspect as well.        

Interesting enough, Mesero sports a full bar, with swirl margaritas that are quite potent. The small restaurant becomes a lounge after 10pm, staying open late for cocktails and mingling.

As for the food, I really enjoyed a few dishes I had ordered, including brisket tacos (that expertise runs in the family) and mole enchiladas. be sure to ask for a flight of salsas that include Pulla, Jalapeno, Toreados and Habanero y Tomate. The Toreados is made with pan fried Serranos and onions. the hottest is actually the Pulla which is made with a roasted Puya pepper and woodfired tomatoes.

The restaurant is very affordable with most items either $5, $7 or $9.

The staff recommended the burger,  which is a double patty, wood grilled and only $7. Sounds like a bargain this this burger world.

Oaxaquenas Enchildas, Chicken and in Mole

Slowed Cooked Brisket Tacos

We spotted Mico and he said, “this is a mix of several styles of Mexican cooking; there really is something for everyone.”

Mico seemed at peace with the world, and it was good to see him back in operation once again.

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