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Mike Shaw Mans the Kitchen at Zio Cecio

by Steven Doyle

Yesterday we wrote about a visit to the new Italian restaurant Zio Cecio Cucina Italiana, and we shared a few photos of our meal and of the owner, Francesco Farris. What we failed to notice in all our photos was the chef in the kitchen, and we want to make this up to him now.

We are actually excited to see that chef Mike Shaw is taking care of duties in the back of the house. You perhaps know Shaw from York Street where he was chef-owner for many years before he and his ex-wife sold the restaurant to Sharon Hage.  

More recently Shaw ran the kitchen at Potager  in Arlington. Potager is the tiny communal restaurant that relies heavily on fresh, local and mainly organic ingredients. It is also the pay-what-you-wish restaurant that is high on flavor.

Welcome back to Dallas, chef Shaw. Now we are in the mood for a trip to Arlington.


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