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An Evening with Corey Taylor at Trees

by Christina Beard

When I saw this show announced, I was intrigued.  Corey Taylor, best known for his roles as the masked lead singer of heavy metal band Slipknot and front-man of the more radio-friendly Stone Sour, was coming to Dallas solo.  The show was billed as a spoken work, Q&A, acoustic show.  I was a little late to the show, so I did miss out on much of the Q&A.

However, I did catch one of the most important (from a metal fan’s perspective) questions: When is Slipknot coming back? 

After death of bassist Paul Gray in May of 2010, the band began an indefinite hiatus.  Taylor confirmed that Slipknot will be touring the United States in the summer of 2012 and that they hope to begin working on an album when that tour is completed.

Once the Q&A portion of the night was over, Taylor returned to the stage armed with only an acoustic guitar.  He played several of the songs than any fan would want to hear, including a rockabilly-tinged version of “Spit It Out”.  He ended the set with a string of covers including Elvis’s “Burning Love” and U2’s “With or Without You”. 

Taylor has arguably one of the best live voices I have ever been fortunate to witness, and the sound at Trees was phenomenal.  All in all, I would definitely file this show as one of the best I have seen all year.


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