Is Turkey Bowling Good Sport?

by Steven Doyle

Tonight is historically a big drinking night, and who could blame the single masses for trekking out the day before their annual family gathering that often can prove exacerbating. On the up-tick, you will also find other singles while sampling your favorite libation.

Also, while roaming the city you will see your share of activities such as Turkey Bowling. This is a ‘sport’ using a frozen turkey as a ball with the goal to knock over ten pins.

The game is quite popular with bars all competing for the late night Thanksgiving Eve crowd. The sport even has its own lingo such as setting a ‘fowl line’ and breaking a 7-10 spit fondly termed a ‘wishbone’.   

For those wanting to get their game on you have no shortage of places to look in Dallas. Try Three Sheets on Ross Avenue where the games begin at 10pm and will lubricated with shots of Wild Turkey.

Another bar hosting the turkey challenge tonight includes Duke’s Original Roadhouse, which incidentally will be open Thanksgiving day. A great way to watch the games and avoid any family brouhaha.

At initial glance the turkey tossing seems harmless and even fun, but one Dallas resident doesn’t think it is good sport.

Nora Kramer, the local representative at Mercy for Animals has this to say, “While turkey bowling may seem to some like harmless fun, imagine if instead of a turkey carcass contestants were using a frozen puppy or kitten as a bowling ball. Turkeys might not be considered as cute or cuddly as dogs or cats, but they have the same capacity to experience pain and suffering.”

It has been suggested that the bars look to large plastic turkeys that are available for the annual event.

“Give turkeys something to be thankful for this Thanksgiving and choose healthy, humane and turkey-free ways to celebrate the season,” added Kramer.

The hunger and homeless aspect also makes the practice seem a bit unsettling and sends a message of waste in these terrible economic times when millions are barely surviving. We are all for a great time, but this is one gimmick we will pass on.



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11 responses to “Is Turkey Bowling Good Sport?

  1. I hate people like you Nora Kramer.

    I mean, are you serious??? Get a life, you tree-hugging, liberal loser, Nora Kramer. I bet you’re a blast to be around, and about as much fun as a swizzle stick being jammed up your nose. Seriously, take your ridiculous crap somewhere else. People like you are the reason PC has gotten out of control, and I HATE you and your kind.

  2. Let's just be respectful of life that feeds us

    My goodness, hater. Sorry it seems you have a swizzle stick stuck somewhere the rest of us never see. (hopefully) If tossing a previously raised in abhorrent conditions, now deceased for our eating pleasures, (which I have no problem with the eating of meat – so long as it’s raised and slaughtered respectfully) factory-farmed turkey down the floor of a bar sounds like a good time to you, then well, that’s just sorry. Maybe they’ll do that with your carcass one day.

  3. L

    LOL when did Dallas get so redneck?! This is right up there with hillbilly handfishin!

  4. A

    Goodness. What about letting everyone peacefully enjoy their own opinion. It’s amazing how much time we spend telling other people what they should do and what they should believe … and then getting angry and hateful when others don’t do what we want them to. I hope that everyone is able to enjoy their Thanksgiving holiday, with loved ones, however you choose to spend it and whatever you chose to eat. (or not eat)

  5. Many people have become so disconnected from the animals they eat as to have lost all empathy and respect for them as living beings.

    • Marc

      Thank you for speaking out and congratulations on getting the quote, Nora. The rude responses typically come from those who feel the guilt but don’t want to admit it to themselves. You just keep doing what you do. GO VEGAN!

  6. Jarek

    Turkey Bowling alone doesn’t even really sound appealing, these are animals just like the others at home we care so passionately about. Over 40 million turkeys are killed in the US for Thanksgiving dinner alone, so adding a venue where the fun dwells in throwing turkey carcass down a supermaket aisle is inhumane and cruel.

  7. Susan

    Mr. “I hate Nora,” you are just what I expect from redneck bush country – Texas. You sound like you have some serious mental health issues since you are so full of hate over a quote in an article. Please. Seek help.

  8. Jayn

    I really don’t see the big deal, but I think the hater redneck is a dick. Not a great way to win an arguement. Maybe he works for one of those bars mentioned. I think Crave did a well balanced job on the piece. Will be back to read more.

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