New Name For La Fiorentina, Now More Casual

by Steven Doyle    photos by Joy Jangles

Checking out La Fiorentina Tuscan Steakhouse this week we noticed a bit of a change. First, Alberto Lombardi has altered the name a bit to La Fiorentina Tuscan Grill. This seemed a bit curious until we spied the menu which has also undergone a few changes. Most notably prices.   

In addition to the price changes, a great attempt to make the restaurant more accessible and casual for every day dining as opposed to that special occasion restaurant that can ward off avid restaurant goers.

From the menu you could see a bold attempt to make this Italian restaurant… more Italian. More fresh pastas with less emphasis on beef.

The restaurant is located at Cole and Armstrong in a church that was built in the 1800’s. Much of the old structure is still intact and is named for the Tuscan-style porterhouse brushed with olive oil and herbs and cooked over aromatic woods.

The new menu rolls out December 1, 2011. We will be there to check out the new offerings later this week.


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