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Where’s the Love? Where’s The Poutine?

by Steven Doyle

Poutine is the national dish of Canada and is made of French fries, squeaky cheese curds and a thin brown gravy. Sounds ideal for the taco and burger hungry crowds in Dallas, right? Then why is this dish completely elusive on restaurant menus?

We have taken in many other Canadian imports such as Wayne Gretzky, William Shatner and Monty Hall, Crown Royal, why won’t they send this luscious, steamy dish down to Texas to play?   

In Canada you can find this dish everywhere from the lowly KFC to 5-star dining establishments. Every restaurantin Canada has their own take on the dish from the addition to duck confit to foie gras. There are even roadside chipperies called cabanes à patates that sell the stuff.

Bijoux's poutine

There was a Garland restaurant selling poutine, but it is no longer in business. Chef Scott Gottlich of Bijoux had the dish on his menu recently, and it may make a come back.

Most of the cheese curds used are mozzarella, and we are pretty sure local cheese wiz Paula Lambert  would be pleased to provide fresh curds for a restaurant willing to put this dish on their menu. This would also make excellent ballpark grub. Are you listening Nolan Ryan and Mark Cuban? Cha-ching!

The sous chef at Pyramid, Paul Peddle, is Canadian.  Maybe he can show us some love and put this on the menu.

For now we will have to settle for cheese fries, or as Pat Snuffer calls them “cheddar fries”. He claims to have invented those right here in Dallas, Texas.

EDIT:  As we were hoping, the first siting has been found at Oddfellows.  Not sure how we missed this one since we were just there a few days ago. The menu says it is “a Texas twist on the Canadian classic: traditional cut fries + crispy bacon + pickled jalepeños + Texas cheddar + scratch gravy”. Thank you Oddfellows  for stepping up!


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