Marquee’s New Burger Strikes Gold! (Literally)

by Steven Doyle

Highland Park’s personal top chef, Tre Wilcox sent a lovely missive via Facebook  that displayed some of his experimentation efforts in the kitchen. There isn’t a whole lot to add to the burger that will be sold at Marquee Grill that he didn’t already think about.

Wilcox describes this as a Short Rib-Foie Gras Stuffed Burger with gold leaf aioli, house pickles and truffle parm fries. There is little we can say after reading this, but “damn”.



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2 responses to “Marquee’s New Burger Strikes Gold! (Literally)

  1. Seriously? When does it stop being a burger?

  2. Frank

    Complete and utter rip off of the DB Burger, and it is not nearly as good. Shameful.

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