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Santa Rampage Schedule for Today

by Steven Doyle

If you didn’t plan for a Santa suit this year, do not despair. You may still join the Santa Rampage tonight and we have their schedule. The rampage begins at Lee Harvey’s at 3pm and will move to the Art’s District at 7:30pm via DART rail and enjoy the various food trucks that will be awaiting them. The trucks include 3 Men and a Taco, Easyslider, Jack’s Chowhound and Cup Cakin. We are told this is where the reindeer high jinx will take place (think pillow fights and the like).    

If you missed these stops, you have plenty of opportunities to spot the Santa flash mob in action. From 7:30 to 8:40 they will move downtown to Lily’s Cafe for some more hot toddies and a Santa Runway Show and Bike Decoration contest.

From 9:30 to 11pm the Santas take over Deep Ellum along Elm. Think LaGrange, Black Swan and Serious Pizza. The latter part of this leg the Santas will congregate at Monica’s Aca y Alla where they attempt the World’s Longest Conga Line.

After 11:30 the Santas are back in the Cedar’s area of Dallas and take over Absinthe Lounge and finally back to Lee Harvey’s where they will end the night.

This will be a sight you won’t want to miss.

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