Holiday Vignettes: Hollie Dorethy

by Steven Doyle

You may remember Hollie Dorethy from Season One of Master Chef. This local culinary beauty has had a busy 2011.  She has made many appearances on a whole host of Food Network programs, and is nearing completion of her very own cookbook, High Heels in the Kitchen.

Hollie has also won plenty of cooking comeptitions around town and nationwide, including her title of Stuffing Queen awarded by Emeril Lagasse on the Today Show.

Today we chat up Hollie to ferret out some of her Christmas traditions, Well, we really just wanted a chance to see her.   

What is your favorite holiday dish?

My mom always made a lime jello salad with mini marshmallows and pineapple. Yes, Jello Salads were the staple for every family at that time. Of course, it was overly sweet

and it never really changed form (no matter how long it was on the dessert buffet), yet if it wasn’t made, I seemed to be missing a part of Christmas tradition that I truly did long for. Even to this day, no matter how many fine delicacies I love, I will always save room for that lime-green, sweet, and strangely firm childhood memory!

What is your favorite cocktail this time of year?

I’m obsessed with my Honey and Bubbles!! A fun Holiday cocktail that is sure to make you giggle!

2oz Vanilla Vodka
1TBL Wild Clover Honey
Shake until chilled and pour into a fluted glass
Top with Champagne

And… I’m still a sucker for Eggnog. I just now love it with Spiced Rum!!

Tell us about a family holiday tradition.

I want my kids to always have a piece of Christmas to take with them one day when they will share their holidays with their own loved ones. Each year I buy them a specific ornament and take a picture of them hanging it on the tree. One day, when they start their own families ,I will box them up with the pictures of each year so they have their own personalized box of ornaments along with the fun pictures of the memories that were made with them!

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