Holiday Vignettes: Chef Andre Natera

by Steven Doyle

I first met chef Andre Natera  just days after he started working at the Fairmont Hotel Dallas almost two years ago. I could tell immediately that he had a much different agenda than any chef I had met before. His philosophy in helping the local restaurant community is like no other. He explained that he wanted chefs to band together and share ideas and cross train rising chefs, something that he does in his kitchen every day.  

This year I had the opportunity to cook side-by-side with chef Natera at a private event that hosted many of the top chefs in Dallas. Natera invited me to work with him and make a few dishes and I was more than thrilled to do so. It was one of the highlights of the year for me personally.

Today chef Natera shares a few of his holiday joys.

Do you have any memories to share about this time of year?

At the end of every Christmas just seeing the day wind down after all the highs and just sitting there reflecting on things always makes me happy.

Tell us about your favorite holiday cartoon as a child.

I like Rudolph however I love A Christmas Story.

Tell us about a favorite Christmas dish.

My wife’s tamales. She makes her mom’s recipe from Veracruz that are wrapped in banana leaf. My family looks forward to them every year.

What is your favorite drink this time of year?

My Grandmother’s Hot Chocolate made Mexican-style with cinnamon and a little chile.


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