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Happy 1 Year Anniversary TacoBots

by Danielle Leahy

We give the TacoBots quite a bit of attention for a few reasons.  First, they love great tacos. Second, they have a pretty huge following on craveDFW.  And lastly, they are some pretty cool and diverse group. Here is a messsage from the head Bot.

What a year it has been! Our renegade Taco Eating Club continues to grow throughout DFW and we can not wait to all the things in store for 2012. Twelve months after the first official Facebook Group posting we have 358 members to date, 21 Meetups completed, 494 taco related photos from all around Dallas and the World uploaded, and dozens (sometimes hundreds) of daily posts for, about, and over NOTHING but Tacos.    

We are looking forward to all the great things in store next including; our first sponsored taco cooking demo, a return of the Tacobots Pub Crawl, the first official Tacobot Cooking Contest, and of course the next crowing of our Taco Eating King to be handed down from this year’s Winner Frankiebot (14 ½ if you think you can beat him).

Hope you guys have enjoyed hearing about our taco eating exploits as much as we have had experiencing them. Happy New Year’s everyone and may 2012 bring you Peace, Love, and TACOS!


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