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2012 Crawfish Season is Here!

by Steven Doyle

You know what sounds good about right now? Well, besides that. Crawfish! It’s a bit early for crawfish you may think, but our buddy Jon Alexis from TJ’s Fresh Seafood Market has raised the flag to note that the season is on.

Jon says that the mudbugs are early and on the small to medium range in size. However, he has a way for you to get a weekly crawfish update to keep you in the party loop. Remember, they get larger and cheaper as the season progresses.

Hop on over to the fishmonger’s website and select ‘crawfish’ when signing up for his mailing list. That way you won’t be bothered with missives on delicious razor clams or today’s message about the arrival of fresh barramundi.

Laissez Les Bon Temps Roulez!


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