Saganaki Tacos on Tonight’s Menu

by Steven Doyle

Just to keep things for the weekend extra spicy we wanted to share this taco we tried a few days ago. It is the Taco of the Week at Velvet Taco on Henderson called the Saginaki.

Saganaki is a Greek dish, typically a kefalograviera or sheep’s milk feta that is seared and often set to flames table side.  

The guys over at Velvet Taco use a kefalograviera cheese, lightly dusted with tapioca flour and seared. Then they top with a crisp salad of arugula, tomato, red onion, cucumber, and fried capers. Served in a lettuce wrap and finished with tzatziki sauce and a squeeze of fresh lemon this taco is unbelievably good and crisp.

Crave worthy.


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4 responses to “Saganaki Tacos on Tonight’s Menu

  1. Velvet taco was amazing…. and friendly

  2. Jenna

    I had two. Thanks!

  3. Rennet


  4. Jeff

    I would like this, but on a corn tortilla.

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