Morelli’s Gelato Now Available in Dallas

by Steven Doyle

Giuseppe Morelli and his son Mario ventured out early in the day to literally peddle their homemade ice cream on bicycles and would not return until all their cream was sold. Their product was wildly popular in the UK. This was in 1907.

In 1932 the family opened their first ice cream parlor in Broadstairs, Kent and continued to grow their business. Now you can find their gelato  in London, Monaco, Dubai, Abu Dhabi and now Dallas, Texas. 

This weekend we happened to be in Zaguan Latin Café and Bakery  located on Oak Lawn and found Gino Soldan, the marketing representative for Morelli’s Gelato setting up shop. He has been in Dallas for a week to open their first Morelli’s express soft serve gelato in the United States.

“Our new concept here is soft gelato. Since we are in a Latin American restaurant we are working with Latin American flavors. Today we are serving a soft dulce de leche gelato and we serve this by itself, in a sandwich or as a sundae,” said the heavily accented Soldan.

He continued to tell us how the company chose Dallas to start the venture in the States and he said they think of Dallas as a good food city.

“People here like to eat and try new things, so it is a good entry point into the States,” continued Soldan.

You no longer need to stop into Harrod’s in London for your Morelli’s, you can sample the fifth generation gelato right here in Dallas.

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