Win A craveDFW Easter Basket

by Jerry Stewart

Happy Easter everyone.  We have a special gift we saved for today and it is free for one lucky reader.  We get all sorts of offers and some fit with what we do at craveDFW and others do not, but we put together several items that you might like to have in our special Easter basket just for you. Read on for details.

Spring is here and clothes are shorter and it’s time to get a healthy and natural tan without the risky side effects of sun exposure, and the Actifirm “Tan Me Now” Kit can help you get started. To maximize the benefits and make sure you have healthy skin and an even glow, the kit has 3 pieces, a Dry Skin Brush, the Actifirm Nice Body Exfoliator and Actifirm Firming Self Tanner. Daily Dry Skin Brushing extends the life of your tan but it’s also great for your body since it helps detox, is a natural lymphatic cleanser and stimulates circulation. The Actifirm Nice Body Exfoliator gently exfoliates your skin so it’s smooth and ready to apply the Actifirm Firming Self Tanner which has a color guide so as you apply you can make sure you’re applying evenly and prevent an uneven tan.

If you’re not yet familiar with Actifirm, it’s an organic skin care line based on active natural ingredients and they have empowered products with ingredients that make a different to their customers, suppliers, communities and the planet, to find out more about their sustainability practices click here.

In addition to the skin care products, we have a small stack of cookbooks including titles such as Weeknights With Giada, Bobby Flay’s Bar Amercain and Gordon Ramsay’s Humble Pie.

We will also include a set of bar tools to help make a wonderful Easter cocktail and a $50 gift card to Williams Sonoma.

Comment on to win.



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40 responses to “Win A craveDFW Easter Basket

  1. Sounds like a handy, fun prize! Bar toys, cookbooks, skin care…and a great gift card! Count me in!

  2. Slade

    Oooohhh cookbooks

  3. Erin

    That’s my kind of Easter basket!

  4. Kim

    Sounds wonderful! (:

  5. Susan Watkins

    I like,I need,I want!

  6. Ferzana Havewala

    Cookbooks and tools to follow through–Sounds perfect!

  7. Tim S

    I need all the skin care I can get!

  8. alexis

    i love the tan me now kit and the other stuff sounds good too

  9. Lori Nobel

    I could for sure use this. I burnt the matzah and my house smells awful! I could use a cookbook. Happy Easter and happy burnt Passover.

  10. That sounds excellent! I love alternatives to tanning beds and cooking

  11. Kelly Hunter

    That’s awesome! I’ll be perfectly prepared for backyard entertaining that way!

  12. Sign me up! Can never have enough cookbooks…

  13. Lolo

    Everything sounds great : but tell us more about the basket ? Can it hold a wet swim suit ?

  14. kathy

    Come on Summer, good tan, good tools and a cookbook to boot! What a deal

  15. Melanie

    Count me in.

  16. Martin

    This would be an awesome Easter present for my wife.

  17. Rek

    cool beans!

  18. Wanda

    I would love the Easter Basket!

  19. Nice idea count me in!

  20. nylund

    Who doesn’t like Easter baskets? Count me in!

  21. I could really use a tan! Hope I win!

  22. Cathy

    What a great idea! That would be so much fun!

  23. Mary

    What a nice basket.

  24. Sherry Christopher

    Love your blog!

  25. sounds like a lot of great stuff I could use and share.

  26. Lacey Gross

    thanks for the chance!

  27. I’d love to win! So many awesome goodies!!

  28. Jenni Zoufalik

    Wow! What a wonderful Easter suprise! My fingers are crossed, lol

  29. Alpa

    Great Stuff 🙂

  30. Danielle Pontow

    What a fun basket to share…

  31. That is an awesome Easter basket!

  32. I love Williams Sonoma! I just found Crave DFW, excited to read your recommendations for the Dallas area! we live in Red Oak

  33. Liz

    That would make me very hoppy,

  34. We want to thank all of the people that are excited about this fun prize, but we can have only one winner. Melanie will be receiving an email shortly to let her know she won. We will be running more exciting contests each week, so watch out for them.

  35. Erica Best

    wow thanks for the fun giveaway

  36. Sue Barney

    Wow what a Great Giveaway Thx for the chance 🙂

  37. this would be very nice 🙂

  38. would love to have a nice starter kit to get my tan going, and to try your products

  39. Terry Masengill

    my 16 year old would love to try this!

  40. Sheila

    Want to win!!!!

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