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Sneak Preview of the Anatole’s Sēr

by Steven Doyle

We know that Chef Anthony Van Camp has taken the lead toque at the Anatole’s Nana, which will soon be on the receiving end of a fresh scrubbing and a multi-million dollar face lift. The restaurant plans to close Nana Grill for good in July and re-open in October 2012 as it’s latest incarnation, Sēr.  Sēr will be billed as a steakhouse, and that decision has met with mixed reviews.    

The decision made was strictly a matter of good economics.  When the hotel is hailing cabs and driving its guests across the city in their vehicles, they made note that these people were not dining at Nana.  They came to Dallas for beef. So hot spots like Nick and Sam’s and Pappas Brothers have been collectively racking up thousands of reservations nightly while beautiful nana with its inspired menu took on much, much less.

With that said, I have an educated guess that Sēr will not be your ordinary steakhouse, if what I witnessed last night has even the slightest foreshadowing of what is to come in October.

Last evening a small handful of media types were invited into Nana as part of a tasting panel. There we met Van Camp and dined with the management and the Anatole’s executive chef, Thomas Welther. Remember, Van Camp is the executive chef for Nana and soon Sēr, but Welther runs the whole parade of groceries through out the massive hotel.

Welther said that he has located a supply of special Waygu beef for the hotel and will be moving the herd close by for use at Sēr. Once the best of the primal cuts are brought in they will be dry aged on location. This is huge news.

As the restaurant is closer to opening we will get a close look at that beef and other entrees for the menu, but last evening we noshed on possible suspects for appetizers. We are reminded that just because it will be a steakhouse, does not mean they will toss their great equipment and technique. Having known Van Camp for some time, he has worked at Nana for eight years,  I know that the young chef will be eager to show his chops.


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