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Bam and Pebbles Welcome You To Short-n-Sweet

by Steven Doyle

First they were entertainers, and then they decided to hitch their wagon to the trail of what could be a success in the growing trend of food truckin’. The Short-n-Sweet Ice Cream Truck is Staffed by co-owner /operators Bam and Pebbles and managed by B3 Entertainment Productions. If you attended the Chefs on Fire event last weekend then no doubt you ran across the latest truck to join the stable of ever expanding lines of mobile kitchens.  

Bam and Pebbles are first entertainers and have been seen at events and parties across North Texas. They enjoy performing for an audience and see this new venue as just another extension of that form of entertainment. They are tall on talent and very engaging.

B3 Entertainment has a full line of entertainers that include trapeze artists, performance ice sculptures, fire eaters and so much more.

You will more than likely see the couple at future events and will want to try their pre-packaged frozen novelties.


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