Celebrate Julian Barsotti Day

by Steven Doyle

I would like to pronounce this Julian Barsotti Day and suggest hitting up both of his locations in Dallas today.

First, Nonna is  the acclaimed restaurant in Highland Park located off Lemmon Avenue and Loma Alto in Dallas.  The man takes great strides in making superb, fresh Italian cuisine and is never open for lunch — except for Fridays. I might suggest taking a few pals and grabbing his white clam pizza or one of the fresh pasta dishes.  

As you make your way home from work later check out Barsotti’s new Carbone’s located on Oak Lawn just next to the restaurant Nosh, and across the street from Al Biernat’s. There you can grab a sandwich, salad or pasta to sample on the spot, or take home some of his fresh-made ingredients for the weekend.

A fully celebrated trifecta Barsotti Day would include lunch at Nonna, grabs at Carbone’s, then a hot date later for a wine and dine back at Nonna. Ask for Sergio who is a fantastic waiter and sommelier.

The chef is out of town and could not be reached for comment, so we will do it for him:

Congratulations on having a craveDFW day named after you.

(The Fake) Barsotti: It is an honor. I can think of no higher accolades. Who else has  had a craveDFW day named for them?

No one, you are the first.

(The Fake) Barsotti: Oh.


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8 responses to “Celebrate Julian Barsotti Day

  1. I'm an asshole and I'm watching you

    guess you got a free meal for this?

  2. Steven Doyle

    I didn’t. But I was hungry for the pizza and needed to write something light hearted for today and thought about that amazing pizza. I think we will make this a regular feature.

    Now smile already. It was a fun piece. And thanks for reading, we like your hits.

  3. Love this piece, and these two places are certainly musts in terms of Dallas dining spots. Good one, Steven. Thumbs up!

  4. steven doyle-

    thanks for letting me contribute to cravedfw. you can pick up your FREE WEEK-OLD FISH HEADS anytime its convenient for you.

  5. Steven Doyle

    Thank you Jon. I need to make some stock. Actually, my only reward is hearing you sing karaoke at the Goat.

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