Rock & Roll Taco Premiers Tonight At La Grange

by Steven Doyle

Taco eaters rejoice. Tonight is the grand opening of Rock and Roll Taco’s debut inside the Deep Ellum bar La Grange. Food truck operators James Quinonez and his wife, Mary Ann Quinonez, have joined forces with La Grange owners Stephanie and Rob Schumacher to open this rocking new restaurant inside their bar. 

Before starting the restaurant, James and Mary Ann were already well known for supplying gourmet food to Dallas with their premier food truck.  Although these trucks serve a wide variety of food, Rock and Roll Tacos is a decidedly Mexican restaurant with a rock and roll feel.    

We previewed the tacos just weeks ago and although the service needed a bit of tweaking, we feel confident in the ability of Rock and Roll and absolutely love their product.

James and Mary Ann plan to go all in with serving lunch, happy hour, and dinner.  Insomniacs, don’t worry, they serve late night as well.  On Fridays and Saturdays, the restaurant serves its full menu until 4am. Also look for their Funday Sunday Brunch where you will find the team preparing food on the patio outside alongside the snow cone tiki bar.


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