Celebrate National Donut Day In Style

by Steven Doyle

There was a time when I could freely eat a box of donuts at one sitting, this was when I was in high school. I went to W.T. White in north Dallas and we had a donut shop called Nelson’s. I would pass by the tiny shop located near LBJ on the south side of Midway and order a small box from the elderly nelson couple on the way to school nearly every day. They have since sold the shop and the donuts are not the same.  Donuts never will be as good as they were when I was 15

Today is National Donut Day and we want to celebrate in true style. We have assembled a short list of some of our favorites in the Dallas area and hope you join us by scarfing a box.         

Hypnotic Donut There cannot be a list complete without including this fairly new East Dallas donut shop. James St. Peter is the godfather of all things donut in Dallas. The man lives and breathes donuts and is a freak of nature for not weighing 500 pounds.

Enjoy Hypnotic’s very unusual flavors such as his Elvis inspired versions with bananas and peanut butter or bacon laden goodness called the Canadian Healthcare.

CampO Chorizo Fritter Formerly Known As Chorizo Donuts

CampO A call to the owner of CampO just moments ago confirmed that the chorizo donut is still on the menu, but they are calling it a fritter to offset any confusion as to its place in line with ordering. Be there no doubt that the fritter is a savory dish, but still qualifies in the donut category and gives you a reason to continue celebrating this glorious day on into the night. Reservations not needed but suggested.

Cane Rosso Jay Jerrier, the Dallas King of all Media, makes a superb donut but he calls the fried dough Zeppole which is basically an Italian donut. Zeppole is made with ricotta cheese and Jerrier includes a vat of chocolate sauce for dipping. If Hypnotic is breakfast and CampO is dinner, let’s call this lunch.

Max’s Donut Shop Drive to Allen, Texas, the last known whereabouts of Terrell Owens and you will stumble upon one of the finest traditional donut shops in the area. Order from the list of what should be just ordinary donuts and you will find these babies to be superb. Jerrier lives out in that area; maybe he can pick us up a batch on the way into work. Call this a mid-day snack, but the place sells out early in the morning.

YUMMY Donuts Located on Lovers in University Park, this brightly colored donut shop will scare off vampires with its cheery orange walls and all the cuteness you do not expect during a morning stop to revive your senses. You can find some of the wackiness you might gather over at Hypnotic such as Oreo infused flavors, but the star of this dog and pony is the plain glazed. Hot and gooey, the way Krispy Kreme wants to be but isn’t, YUMMY is simply yummy. No website, so just drive to 4355 Lovers Lane and ask them to at least slap up a Facebook page.

Have a wonderful National Donut Day. Tomorrow is National Treadmill Day.


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