5 Wonderful Things We Ate This Week

by Steven Doyle

Although a bit hot this has been a terrific week of dining in Dallas. We go eclectic on you today, even though we did have our share of pork belly and foie gras. This should ultimately prove we are not food snobs.

We will take in our fair share of lamb belly or kani-miso, but every day we look to the burger and the illustrious taco to fit the bill. Ride along with us as we check out five of the best things we ate this week.    

These cool and refreshing summer rolls from Pho Is For Lovers make a crisp afternoon snack  or appetizer.

Located in the Westin Galleria in Dallas, Oceanaire makes the best crab cake in town. They also serve a good variety of East Coast oysters (West Coast are banned in Texas) and are only $1 each on Sunday.

There is a song about the hash browns on the juke box at the Waffle House, but the best way to enjoy them is scattered, smothered and covered. Add jalapenos for that extra kick.

Burgers, fried jalapenos, chili and cold six packs of beer to go if you so desire, Club Schmitz is located at 9661 Denton Drive. Schmitz is as divey as you get without being knifed, and they only take cash. This is a slap-happy place to grab a cold one and sit back and relax on a Saturday afternoon.

Fried pie. Nothing so filled with Americana, and juicy bites of our favorite fruit than an old fashioned fried pie. There are just a few spots in DFW to grab a really good fried pie, but this little stand in the downtown Grand Prarie Farmers Market is the real deal. The coconut and pecan are equally as delicious.


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    Good God, I’m going to have nightmares about that devil child.


    No offense, but the fried peach pies look kinda gross. 😛

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