Hank Has A Treat For You

by Steven Doyle

In the mid 1900’s John “Bud” sailed the Great Lakes as a shipman, eventually graduating to captain. John “Bud”’s wife Helen would join the captain aboard his ship one day and was treated to a dessert bar that was like no other. Helen was so taken by this treat that she asked for the recipe, and to her delight the cook happily obliged. The cook’s name? Hank.

The recipe for the dessert bar was handed down for several generations and is now in the hands of Dallasite Stacy Shaw who had sampled the bars since she was quite young. She more recently asked her grandmother Edie for the recipe and today Shaw is marketing Hank’s Dessert Bars for all the world to share. Or so Shaw hopes.          

The Hank bars come in  myriad of flavor combinations including dark chocolate and butterscotch.  The bars are dual layers containing different nuts like almonds and peanuts, with a smooth, creamy top layer of chocolate.

The dark chocolate with almonds and ginger is an especially wonderful taste combination as is the white chocolate, almond and espresso.

For now you may find the dessert bars at the Four Season’s Farmers Market in Richardson or buy them online at the Hank website. These locally made and extremely indulgent treats are a must for your sweet tooth bucket list. Check out Shaw’s Facebook page for Hanks.


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