Chill With Old Town Creamery

by Steven Doyle

A few short years ago Ayesha and Hussain Kedwaii purchased Old Town Creamery which was then located on Greenville Avenue. Today the couple have a bustling business that has been relocated to their Plano location on Coit and Spring Creek and are enjoying a crazy bit of success.

When we visited the ice cream parlor it was standing room only, and not much real estate to stand on. This obvious makes Hussain a happy man.                   

“We enjoy our customers and have fun making these types of ice cream,” said Hussain.

Those types of ice cream are what bring the hordes of people into his shop. Ethnic flavors and handmade kulfi which you cannot buy anywhere else in this city are dished out with amazing speeds. Flavors such as fig or almond pistachio are top orders along with saffron and cashew raisin. These customers want to try each flavor, and enjoy the difference between Hussain’s and Baskin-Robbin’s old hat.

The cases hold about 35 different types of ice cream, with about a dozen house favorites which never change.

“We come here more often than I care to admit,” said smiling customer Jane Barkin, “we are always looking for something different. Try the one with saffron.”

The shopping centers surrounding Old Town Creamery are rife with ethnic restaurants, mostly Indian or Pakistani, and Hussain’s business makes a sweet addition to the neighborhood.

Old Town Creamery
6205 Coit Road, Plano
(972) 673-0285


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