You Asked For It, You Got It: Unforsacon Bacon Food Truck

by Steven Doyle

You may recall Adam West from his stint at Dragonfly at ZaZa in Dallas. The chef has been working at the executive chef at the ZaZa in Houston for the past year but is now coming home to open his own food truck in Dallas.

Chef West will soon be bringing home the bacon with his bacon themed truck he will call Unforsacon Bacon.

We were first tipped off to the food truck by West’s sister, Amber West, who is the bar manager at Central 214, but we were asked to sit on the story until West put in his notice at ZaZa.          

For West the idea of having bacon as a theme seemed only natural. “There  are a lot of trends we could follow, but those only last a few months. We decided to break out from what was expected by choosing bacon,” said West.  The Chef mentioned that there were probably five trends that would always be popular such as hamburgers and tacos. We pressed him for the top five he thought were the most stable and he included hot wings and and pizza along with the venerable bacon.

Look for the new bacon truck to roll out in November with such menu items as a barbacoa and bacon taco, several styles of BLT’s and a special bacon praline that he came up with while trying to save an overcooked batch of candied bacon.

With regards to Dallas, West plans on running the streets of Garland where he grew up.  The laws are more lax and it is easier to run a food truck in the area where food trucks are more scarce.

Let’s help West out with a few fun ideas using bacon that he can serve on his truck .


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