Luau At Whiskey Cake

by Steven Doyle

Last night the Tiki gods shined upon Plano, Texas as Whiskey Cake prepared not one, but three whole hogs to a sell-out crowd on a Monday evening in celebration of all things luau. In preparation over 70 coconuts lost their tops, making these the perfect vessels for cooling tropical cocktails prepared by lead barman Sean Conner.

Conner wrangled Barcardi’s 151 into drinks such as classic Zombies that made the gathering revelers not only smile, but put them in the island mood.      

Festive islanders passed appetizers such as Tuna Poke on Taro Chips, Sashimi Skewers and house-made “Spam” on Sticky Rice [Musubi]. The Spam was a particular and appropriate treat as Hawaiian residents devour the canned meat with much regard, averaging 16 tins per resident year.

Chefs TJ Lengnick and John Franke kept the party flowing as they hoisted the first pig out of the La Caja China which smoked a whole oinker in a matter of four short hours. There was plenty of meat to go around, but the choice selections such as the ears and cheeks were the first to go. In addition to the roasted pig sides of charred pineapple, mango-coconut rice and fried sweet potatoes were served. Particularly enjoyable were the curried potato empanadas.

Steam Mahi Mahi in banana leaves was also served. The tiny steamed packages contained the sweet, moist, fleshy fish that was a bit of a surprise wrapped as tiny Christmas gifts.

Whiskey Cake has proven itself to be the exception in a land where chain restaurants flex their muscle. The high quality and attention to detail and fantastic cocktails where they are otherwise bereft makes the restaurant a sought after option most any night of the week. Lengnick and Conner continually keep the mood fresh with new events being planned often.

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Whiskey Cake
3601 Dallas Parkway, Plano
(972) 993-2253

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