BBQ Pitmasters In Dallas This Weekend

by Steven Doyle

The TLC program BBQ Pitmasters is making its way to Dallas for a taste. The program is hosted by a Food Network contestant, Kevin Roberts, who has written two books. His first is called “Munchies”, a cookbook that deals with fast snacks, and “Kissing in the Kitchen”, which instructs readers how to prepare romantic meals.             

Although the program has issued instructions to keep the filming under wraps, we understand Pitmasters will be in Dallas over the Labor Day weekend.  A few local BBQ wunderkinds were approached including Pecan Lodge (they turned the idea down twice) and Lockhart Smokehouse, who will be one of the few featured. It is time for Will Fleischman to share his amazing beard and BBQ with the world.

Look for Mike Anderson’s Barbecue to be featured this coming season as well. Our sources detail how Anderson will demonstrate his BBQ prowess with his award winning brisket, and will share a few new recipes he has cooked up.


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3 responses to “BBQ Pitmasters In Dallas This Weekend

  1. I sure hope they will stop by the Katy Trail Ice House- some of the best BBQ I’ve ever had!

  2. Dino Corvino

    Reblogged this on Outnumbered and commented:
    I grew up with Will.

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