Effin-Good FNO Eats

by Farah Fleurima

Come this Thursday night, it’ll be nigh impossible not to find a party associated with Fashion’s Night Out, that evening of soirees that kicks off New York Fashion Week. Dallas happens to go all out for it, with every shopping establishment worth its salt throwing a cocktail-soaked mini-fete in honor of, well … shopping. But you need energy for the hours on end of high-heeled revelry, so here’s a little guide to where to feast (or nibble) pre-FNO, depending on your circumstance (call ahead, as most of these spots require reservations). Aimed at ladies, ’cause, let’s face it … you kind of own the night.         

If you want to stay closest to the hottest FNO action: Reserve a table at The Grille at Galleria Dallas, to be near its quarter-mile-long runway. Sevy’s Grill provides upscale eats close to Tootsie’s Preston Center’s high-energy party. Marquee is so close to Highland Park Village’s fashion show, it’s taking reservations for patio seating in full view of it. And Northpark partiers should check out Bistro N, the quietly chic eatery inside Nordstrom.

If you’re in THOSE heels and can’t walk more than 11 steps at a time: Stick to cozy, intimate restaurants that won’t have you walking an acre to your table. The Grape fits the bill, as does Boulevardier, though you’d be wise to land at either early, as they’re a ways outside of the FNO zone.

If you’re in THAT dress and can’t sit down: Pull up a tall chair and stand-sit at the bar or a high table whilst you eat. NOSH, Central 214 and the bar at Charlie Palmer at the Joule should have you covered.

If it’s all girls: You want your restaurant’s cuteness to match your own. Sip and snack at 31 or enjoy elegant small plates at Si Tapas.

If you’re taking your guy: Depends — if he’s a fashionisto, clink glasses and dine stylishly at Private Social or Abacus. If you’re quite literally dragging him along to the fashion frenzy, lure him with an all-out meat fest at Capitol Grille or Perry’s.

Opting out of Fashion’s Night Out?: Go balls-to-the-wall messy — but still haute — with gourmet dogs at Bowery. Or soak in the staunchly casual vibe and a couple pizzas at Bryan Street Tavern.

Farah Fleurima is the Dallas Diva. Catch her take on fashion, food and dazzling cocktails each day as she brings you the very best of  Dallas for the inner diva in you. 

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