Privé Opens In The Second Floor Bistro

For the first time ever, patrons of The Second Floor Bistro – Bar at The Westin Galleria Dallas can enjoy sophisticated cuisine, original cocktails, wine pairings, and the chicest decor … all in their own private dining room. Yes, this culinary wonder now offers Privé, a completely exclusive dining room for private parties and events.

“Privé, which is French for ‘private,’ will open this fall, and we are absolutely thrilled to offer our patrons a high-end, private dining experience – all with the same level of finesse they’ve come to expect from The Second Floor,” said Founder and Executive Chef Scott Gottlich.    

With space for up to 80 people, Privé features state-of-the-art audio/visual services, two flat-screen televisions and a bar stocked with your choice of wine, scotch and cocktails. Diners also have the option for exclusive access to Gottlich, his sommelier wife, Gina and Executive Chef Joel A. Harloff.

Such red-carpet treatment is perfectly suited for rehearsal dinners, brunches, corporate meetings, women’s luncheons and dinner parties or any other event that requires the most refined banquet accommodations.

John Everett, General Manager of The Westin Galleria Dallas, said the hotel has seen rising demand for a separate dining room at The Second Floor that would accommodate those looking for a fine dining venue for a larger, yet more intimate affair.

“When our customers talk, we listen. More and more of them have asked for private fine dining accommodations at the restaurant and hotel, and I’m proud to say it’s now available. You won’t find a more luxurious experience anywhere else,” said Everett.

The Second Floor at The Westin Galleria Dallas is located at 13340 Dallas Parkway. For reservations at Privé, please call 972.450.2978.


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