Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds

by Steven Doyle

This week we pay homage to brunch in Dallas in this week’s edition of Friday’s Five Fabulous Food Finds. Each week we venture out into the naked city in search of a delicious meal to mention on craveDFW, and we are pleased to share each lovely bite with our readers.    

 Check out this week’s five:

Good2Go Taco is legendary in East Dallas. Just a stone’s toss from Casa Linda, Good2Go features some of the very best breakfast tacos Dallas has to offer. To call them a taco is almost a misnomer, these are man-sized burritos. Enter the Paris, Texas taco fill to the tortilla’s edge with hangar steak, potatoes and a bit of fresh spinach for good measure. We challenge you to order two.

Chicken and Waffles have etched their way into our everyday vernacular, lending a slight pause to comfort which meets delicious. This version from Kent Rathbun’s Blue Plate Kitchen is a supreme example of tender waffles and even more tender fried chicken.   Check out the kicked up diner specials.

What could be more satisfying in the morning that a sweet croissant riddled with chocolate from Zaguan Latin Cafe?

Pizza and eggs. Pizza and eggs. Damned good combination that can be found at Sfuzzi in Uptown. It is loaded with bacon and eggs to ward off an evil hangover from the same spot just the night before. Here they sell the cause and the cure.

Crabby about crab eggs benedict? Then mosey on over to Toulouse Cafe and Bar on Knox where they will whip up a batch just for you. Don’t forget an order of beignets. Their version is supreme on a early Sunday afternoon.



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  1. Monica

    Nova should definitely be included in a list of top brunch dishes in Dallas.

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