2012 Oktoberfest This Weekend And We Are Hooking You Up

by Steven Doyle

The 2012 Addison Oktoberfest is this coming weekend with a jumpstart Thursday, September 20, 2012.  Stay with craveDFW each day this week as we share all the fun events and a few very unique opportunities to sample beer and food that very few will know about. This Oktoberfest has gained popularity over the years and generally will host up to 70,000 people.

We will be giving away free tickets each day and have an ultimate prize package that includes an authentic beer stein, a Spaten outdoor fire pit and so much more. Look for today’s contest at the end of this post.           

Brau Haus Is the Ultimate Experience at the Addison Oktoberfest This Year

Enjoy the finest of Bavarian full-service dining featuring an exclusive and authentic Oktoberfest menu. The Authentic Brau Haus includes admission, a three course meal, reserved seating, souvenir stein and Spaten giveaways. Seating is limited. Reservations are required. Walk ups are accepted on a space available basis.

Brau Haus reservations are $45, and include reserved seating, souvenir stein, Spaten giveaways, free admission to Oktoberfest and of course a delicious authentic German meal. Seating is limited, so guests are encouraged to make reservations early at the events website.

Seating Times:
Thursday & Friday: 6pm & 8pm
Saturday: 4pm & 6pm2012 Brau Haus Menu
Vegetable Crudites
Fresh Bavarian Baked Pretzel
German Dill Cucumber Salad
Entree (Choice of one)
Brathaenchen: Roasted Herb Chicken served with Bavarian Potato Salad
Bavarian Sauerbraten served with Red Cabbage and Potato Dumpling
Dessert (Choice of one)
Black Forest Cheesecake with Kirschwasser
Freshly made Nutella and Banana Crepes
Beverages include a large stein filled with Spaten or Franzikaner beer, soda or water (Refills can be purchased for an additional fee).

To win a pair of Oktoberfest passes simply make a comment below with your favorite Oktoberfest (blurred) memory. We will have plenty of more opportunities to win fun priizes each day this week through Friday, and will bring you all the Addison Oktoberfest action. Invite your friends to enter each contest to double your odds of winning.


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24 responses to “2012 Oktoberfest This Weekend And We Are Hooking You Up

  1. Erin

    The yodeling contest…it will always be the yodeling contest…

  2. Martin

    The Wiener dog races are always lots of fun!

  3. Amber Davis

    An endless supply of awesome beer and those cute steins!

  4. Addison, beer & fest, three of my favorite things!

  5. Kate

    Hooray for Oktoberfest!

  6. Iampurewest

    Steins and beer and a stuffed squirrel!

  7. Susan

    German beer and Brave Combo!

  8. Rho

    Ach, besetzt! Diese Karten zu gewinnen, wären so überwältigend! Keine verschleierten Erinnerungen hier, rufe ich sehr deutlich trinkend Bier, Essen, Trinken zurück… Trinken…

  9. Jimmy O

    I was at the Andechs monastery just outside of Munich years ago and realized that I had lost my sunglasses as we sat down. I retraced my steps and searched for about 10 minutes before giving up and returning to eat and drink. A short while later, a child at another table noted to her parents how dark my beer was. I thought, hmm…maybe my glasses are in the beer.

    So I stuck my knife in the Masskrug and found something within. I hauled out my glasses, which has been fully hidden by the dark beer.

  10. Melissa

    We love doing the chicken dance every year.

  11. Chris Dinsmore

    The Delicious beer in steins!!

  12. Hope C.

    Best memory is running around with friends (and making new friends) while wearing the chicken hats. The chicken hats rock! Looking forward to doing it again soon!

  13. Sam T.

    about 3 hours into the drinking walked into the big tent near the back of the festival looking for that delicious brat and schnitzel combo i heard so much about. after i ordered i waited for my food and instead of focusing on how good it will be i couldn’t help, but keep wondering why everyone was yelling at each other. turns out they were yodeling….. hahahaha

  14. Steph G.

    I haven’t been yet – I can’t believe it! I need to create these memories :).

  15. Brandi

    One year I went with all my co-workers. One huge stack of plastic cups and some chicken dance later, we were all a lot closer!

  16. caroline cotting

    Can’t wait till Thursday night and this weekend. The addison oct festival is so much fun. My daughter loves the euro bungee jump.sand art. Carnival rides. and weenie races. I love the reisling wine then going on the tilt a whirl. We both love all the shopping. We got our chicken hats ready for this weekend.

  17. Brent Burpee

    My favorite memory of Octoberfest is when the fat sung.

  18. Nic

    That time I won passes on CraveDFW

  19. angela

    I need to make an Oktoberbest memory!

  20. Our first winner is Chris Densmore! We will be emailing you later today about the tickets. Everyone is entered into Friday’s HUGE drawing for th grand prize, but be sure to enter each day for additional chances to win.

  21. fav memory has to be last year in London’s Oktoberfest in Shoreditch Park….huge group of us from the burlesque lounge went together (so of course, we’re all dressed like idiots and completely out of our heads), got absolutely pissed on hefeweizen’s…then our boss yells that she’ll pay 100pounds to the first person to run all the way down the table. two seconds later, 4 drunk italians are scrambling across the long wooden tables and we’re getting kicked out of the tent LOL we moved it outside (happen to be a gorgeous day in London…a rare one!) and drank on the grass untill we fell asleep ;P

  22. Amy

    I have not been yet because I could never find a babysitter for my kids, but my families history is extremely German and can’t wait for my boyfriend to wear a Lederhosen and me a sexy Dirndl dress while we sip out of our really ornate beer steins and eat some authentic German food with our friends!!

  23. Lorynn R.

    Pretzels the size of your head, beer, oh the costumes, and the weiner dogs! Who doesn’t love to watch weiner dogs run with their stubby little legs? So cute!

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