Elbow Room In Dallas Is Closed *Update*

by Steven Doyle

The Elbow Room located at 3010 Gaston Road has shuttered, at least for the moment. Long tome employees at the Elbow Room claim the restaurant has actually been sold after a run in with the state over taxes. There is a hearing with the former owners Tuesday, September 18, 2012 over the tax matter and the dive bar could potentially open back up Wednesday afternoon under new ownership.      

The bar is known for stiff cocktails, a reasonable beer selection, good tunes and a funky patio rife with iconic murals. The bar closed down at midnight last Saturday, and at that time many decorative items were already missing from the bar including chandeliers and one partially nude painting of Mona Lisa that served as a mascot.

The bar is also known for their pizza and sandwiches, and offered late night delivery to the area including parts of downtown Dallas.

More information on the re-opening as information becomes available.

Update: The Elbow Room has re-opened with all new owners.



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14 responses to “Elbow Room In Dallas Is Closed *Update*

  1. bad pizza and bad service finally did them in.. looks like bad booking too..

  2. I’ve been going there for years. Always friendly and easy on the eyes wait-staff. Never once had a bad pizza or burger. If you received bad service, you were probably just an ugly and non-fun person. Tommy would run out the a-holes, so they were always in short supply.

    • RG Carter

      Tom is a self serving jerk. He cost Elbow dearly over the years.

      • Juan Carlos

        @RG, yeah he is. He told one lady not to play any N-word music on his jukebox one day. Even though many of his loyal patrons were African Americans also. That was the day I stopped going.

  3. elbow juice

    shit fuck damn

  4. brkinspdr

    where is the medical community that works at a Baptist hospital supposed to have happy hours at now?

  5. Jeff

    Flawless great pizza for years… at least till mid July 2012.
    When money is tight, something suffers.

  6. Kat Knapp

    I will always love my Elbow Room, and I would love to help it re-open!

  7. Loved that place. It had its drama but it was always a fun place to be, Tom was a fun guy, great dad and took care of any thugs that needed taking care of. The pizza was one of my favorites in Dallas and the wait staff that worked there were sweet and always provided great service! RIP Elbow Room, you will be sorely missed.

  8. Cole

    I liked going to the ER except for the fact that Tom was a racist individual. Trust me I encountered it and I hope he doesn’t work there if it reopens. Other than that great place, great food, and good looking girls.

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