Celebrate National Burger Day With Our Comprehensive Dallas Burger Guide

by Steven Doyle

In honor of National Burger Day we wish to bring you some of our favorite burgers around the city of Dallas. The hamburger saw a major insurgence in North Texas last year, and that movement hasn’t lost much steam. With that we present you a list of some fine burgers we have enjoyed.  For those not wanting to read much today, this list is packed full of photographs to lust after. 

The Local Burger

These are the burgers made by our neighborhood burger joints. They have little or no aspiration to start a burger empire and they make a mean product.

There can simply be no burger list in Dallas without including first the undisputed King of Beef, Jack Perkins and his Maple & Motor Burger.

The Dairy-Ette has been serving their nonplussed burger for over 55 years at the same location. They are big, greasy and they make their own root beer. What more can one ask for?

There is something absolutely holy about the Off Site Kitchen burger. Add an egg for fifty cents.

Uncle Uber’s became one of our top ten burger haunts in Dallas this year and we continue to love this well dressed sizzling mound of meat found in Deep Ellum.

With one of the best views of the city, Stackhouse Burger lays claim to a victorious local burger.

You gotta love this Dallas institution. Del’s Charcoal Burgers quietly sells a ton of burgers each day to the blue collar set in Richardson, and remains one of our favorites.

It’s not square, but this Square Burger is made with grass fed beef and topped with cheese made by Paula Lambert at Mozzarella Company.

Richard Wingfield was my High School science teacher at WT White, and since went on to make a mean, mean burger. He was a great educator and the man can grill a burger with the best of them at his Wingfield’s Breakfast and Burgers in Oak Cliff.

Zen Bistro and Dessert Bar located in Deep Ellum is not just about cupcakes and cakeballs, although those are really good. They also have a menu of Filipino tapas and now this new Filipino spiced Tocino burger topped with an egg. They just started selling this burger lats Saturday and our lucky bellies sampled the first. Go get.

The Bar Burger

There are plenty of great dives making delicious burgers, many go on quietly with little or no fanfare. Here are a few of the really good burgers on this list.

Adairs Saloon has been making burgers for nearly fifty years. This wonderful, yet not too gussied burger is a half pound of meatiness waiting to challenge your tastebuds.

No frills, all fun, the Club Schmitz burger comes with a side of frozen Ore-Ida crinkle cut fries. It’s really good on a warm day with a cold beer.


Lee Harvey’s burger is sublime and is half price on Tuesday’s.

The Social Burger

Since today is National Burger Day, we checked out some of the local restaurants for their version on Facebook and picked out the best looking. In the world of burgers that does not necessarily define the best burger, but you can rest assured these are great.

Ten Bells Tavern, the newish pub in Bishop Arts offers up their burger and as a weekly special offer this with fries and a beer for ten bucks.

We found this burger hiding out on the Fairmont Dallas Facebook page. We see you!

The Evil Bastards at Jonathan’s often lob a missle of meat towards their vegan neighbors at Spiral Diner. If you were ever to convert a vegan, this probably wouldn’t do it well. However, we would love to attempt this tower of protein.

The Chef Burger

The Grape has long been pronounced the best burger in Texas by Texas Monthly. The crowned prince of burgers, Bryan Luscher keeps that title until the magazine decides to run another top burger issue. The chef deserves the title, and you can enjoy this burger every Sunday and Monday at the Greenville Avenue restaurant.

The Stodg Burger at the Porch on Henderson is the perfect hang-over cure. What with its fried eggy goodness, aged cheddar, Nueske’s Bacon all on a foie buttered bun, there is no better relief for Saturday night madness.

Perhaps this burger was made in a shack, but be no doubt that it was from the hands of a chef. Love Shack, owned by Tim Love, makes a damned good burger in Fort Worth and in Denton. We do not want to know what is in the “love sauce”.

Tre Wilcox at his Highland Park restaurant, Village Marquee Grill, makes everything bodacious. Enjoy this Top Chef’s burger when you can.


Our photo does not do this burger justice. Forgive us if when we were at Good Friend we simply wanted to eat the burger and not snap photos. Plus, we had a lot to drink this day.

The burger at Rockwall’s Restaurant Ava has been one of our favorites for a long, long time. Everything on the burger is home-made. They don’t grow their own lettuce, but if they had time they probably would.

The Local Chain

They haven’t gone nationwide yet, but they certainly have plenty of locations across Dallas and Fort Worth. Here are a few of the favorites floating in that category.

Twisted Root has locatio s nearly anywhere you are going to be tonight. They make plenty of  fun and unusual burgers, and do it very well.

The second location for Liberty Burger opened this week with plenty more locations being scouted. They make a terrific burger, and well worth the trip.

The Village Burger Bar has several locations in DFW including in the West Village in Dallas. They make a fantastic burger and skinney fries.

Burgers We Miss

This is the burger of our youth. Prince of Burgers was a simple drive-in that was located on Lemmon Avenue. The burger landscape will never be quite the same without this gem.


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9 responses to “Celebrate National Burger Day With Our Comprehensive Dallas Burger Guide

  1. tony

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!!!!!

  2. David Indorf

    Thanks for a terrific list. My personal favorite is M&M, and I’m anxious to try Off Site. I’m surprised Burguesa and Cock and Bull didn’t make the cut.

  3. jj

    Hello My Name is Eat in Ft Worth should definitely be on the next list, they make an awesome burger!

  4. Neighborhood Services in Preston Royal serves the best burger in Dallas, with homemade toasted sesame bun, cooked over wood, fries cut fresh never frozen, homemade pickles, doesn’t get any better than this!

  5. You missed the burgers from Y.O. Steakhouse (West End) in your Social Burger list. I mean, just look at this Lamb Burger from their Facebook Page! http://www.facebook.com/photo.php?fbid=501793553182429&set=a.149428491752272.27266.122888614406260

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