Texas Monthly BBQ Festival 2012

by Robyn Folmar

Sunday was the 3rd annual Texas Monthly BBQ Festival in Austin. The event was packed, the weather was hot and there was more Q than any person with only one stomach could comfortably put down.

The best BBQ joints in the state were invited to serve more than 3,000 excited and sweaty meat fanatics at the beautiful Long Center for the Performing Arts.  Although the event was crowded, the festival was well laid out with plenty of shade, seating, Shiner and clean, honest-to-God bathrooms.     

Unsurprisingly, Aaron Franklin from Franklin Barbeque drew the most fans. The festival fence was opened to accommodate the acolytes hoping to get a taste.  Aaron’s wife, Stacy, stated that he smoked 43 briskets for 3,000 samples. Aaron cracked that they were all soaked in vodka overnight. Please people, do not go home and soak your briskets in vodka, it was simply a joke.

Justin and Diane Fourton of Pecan Lodge had The Cheap Bastard, Alice Laussade, helping out at the tent as they diligently fed the meat congregation. Snow’s BBQ, Buzzie’s Bar-B-Que, Baker’s Ribs, Smitty’s Market and Louie Mueller Barbecue are a few others that enjoyed major fan action.

Unfortunately, I did not do any stomach stretching exercises before the festival and ended the night by having my husband feed me stale Saltines and fresh ginger in bed. 

Stop what you are doing and put in your calendar a reminder for next summer to buy tickets; you don’t want to miss this celebration of Texas food culture.  It’s an easy drive, a fantastic venue with incredible food and fun people. Just remember to pace yourself.

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