Barn Aid 2012 is Sunday, October 14

by Jennifer Thomas

Barn Aid is an annual event intended to educate our community and raise awareness and support for local food producers, small farming and sustainability in DFW and North Texas through fellow organizations working to better our food security in DFW.  The event is being put on by volunteers and fellow small producers in the local food community.

Barn Aid was originally created in 2008 after a tornado struck CSA farm owner Marie Tedei’s farm and her more than 50-year-old barn. Tedei’s friends and neighbors homes and property nearby were also heavily damaged. To help raise money for the disaster Tedei and Jenice Johnson created Barn Aid which is held each year at Eden’s Organic Garden center and CSA.

The annual event is Tedei’s way of giving back something to the community and raising awareness about local food. This year the event will help fund  the gardening program at the Youth Village Resources of Dallas.

The day begins with a 32 mile fun bike ride that tours four area farms. At each stop, riders will purchase/donate towards the collection of fresh ingredients to be brought back to Eden’s for our local celebrity chefs to whip up into a delicious community meal to be shared by participants.

The trio of chefs include Momentum’s Chad Houser, Central 214 wunderkind Graham Dodds, and Garden Café’s Mark Wootton.

Local food producers and farmers will be on hand for concessions during the day’s events and during the screening of urban Roots, a film about urban renewal through gardening and farming.

During the feast prepared by the chefs there will be a few speakers on hand including Chef and Program Director Organic Gardening & Culinary Arts, Charles Plummer along with Chris Quadri, Community Liaison & Fund Development Specialist and the very brand new Executive Director of Cafe Momentum, chef Chad Houser who will share with you his program’s value in the lives of these otherwise forgotten youth. CraveDFW’s Steven Doyle will emcee the event.

For event times and tickets, or to make a donation, check out Eden’s web site.


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  1. What a great idea for a bike tour.

    Thanks for sharing.

  2. Eden's Organic Garden Center/CSA Farm

    You can also drive the route if your bike’s a little rusty. 😉 Come help us raise funds for the gardening program at Youth Village! Free film at dusk for everyone!

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