Map Out Your Ghoulish Goodies

By Jeanine Stevens

Warning: some of the finest specialty food shops in Dallas are using scare tactics to get you to buy their treats!  Well, okay, it IS Halloween and we have found enough sweet concoctions to lift your spirits…be they dead or alive.  Our creepy list includes everything from potions to potables.     

Hypnotic Donuts Children of the Corn Donuts and Gravedigger Donuts

These creepy corny glazed o’s are outstanding in their field, with plenty of candy corn on top to satisfy very sweet tooths.  Gravedigger shovels on crushed Oreos for a devilishly dirty delight.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate Cajeta Skulls

One bite and you’ll be coffin’ for more.  Rich, dark chocolate enrobes a carmelicious surprise.  Get ‘em in a 6-pack or 12-pack for all your fiends.

Dude, Sweet Chocolate Potions

Well technically, the Break-up Potion, Love Potion #5 and others offered by Dude, Sweet are not intended to be sold for Halloween, but with bourbon and dark chocolate goodness in every sip, who the Helloween cares?

Donna’s Pie House Frightful Pie Bites

You’ll be gobblin’ a few of these ghostly pie bites in no time…along with dark, sinister flavored coffees and hot chocolate offered at this eatery.

CocoAndre Chocolatier Day of the Dead Bread

Dia de los Muertos (Day of the Dead) is celebrated in the Hispanic community, and CocoAndre, though known for its indulgent chocolates, also offers a sweet/savory Dia de los Muertos bread this week only.

CocoAndre Chocolatier Chocolate Owls, Spiders, Bats and probably Eye of Newt

You’ll find frightfully good chocolate treats in almost every shape and size at CocoAndre, as well as traditional European truffles.

Great One Cookie Company Bewitching Cookies

Everybody should have no fear of these yummy offerings, concocted to thrill you to the bone!  Now through Halloween, enjoy these cookies: Spine-chilling Kit Kat, Supernatural Almond Joy, Spooky Peanut Butter Cup, MM Mysterious (M & M’s), Wickedly Sweet Snickers and Snickering Pumpkin.

Zen Bistro and Dessert Bar Eyeball Cakeballs

Finally, gruesome treats that stare back at you.  Zen Bistro covers a blood red velvet center in white ooze, and the results are tasty bites of terror.

Morton’s The Steakhouse Drinks from the Dark Side

Those with a thirst for blood—or something stronger—can werewolf down cocktails like the Witches Brew (with crème de cacao and other wicked ingredients), Blood Martini and the Gremlin.

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