BBQ Baron Aaron Franklin Makes A Pie At Cane Rosso

by Bryan Coonrod

The celebrity chef series at Cane Rosso hit a grand slam last night as Aaron Franklin from the much vaunted Franklin BBQ in Austin made his appearance after a weekend at the Meat Fight event. I had put this event on my calendar as soon as the chefs lineup was announced months ago, apparently so did many others as a line began forming at 5pm an hour before opening, by 6pm the line had reached down to local watering hole Adair’s.    

Once the doors opened the eager hungry bellies that had waited in line stormed in awaiting for taste of what has been called the best BBQ in Texas combined with what many will say the best pizza in Texas. The wait was well worth it. The pizzas offered up from Aaron were a brisket pizza with Fontina, caramelized onions, roasted mushrooms and an espresso sauce.

The result was mouth-watering and made me even further want to make a trip to Austin and try the BBQ first hand. The other pizza was made with pulled pork with bacon marmalade, pork fat, roasted tomatoes, and mozzarella yet another melt in your mouth combination. Almost every table was ordering one of each pizza as Cane Rosso reported that 130 pizzas were made in the first hour.

By 6:30 every table available was full with food aficionados and the servers were already breaking a sweat from hustling tables.

It was a who’s who of Dallas food bloggers and chefs in attendance as many of the social networks blew up with pictures of the line outside to the pizzas being served and those trying to get a picture with Aaron Franklin who quickly became a superstar.

Perhaps it will go into Dallas food folklore as people will say “Do you remember the day Franklin BBQ came to Cane Rosso?” As I left Cane Rosso I had to wiggle through the bar area which was full of more patrons waiting for tables and others were walking around salivating at the pizzas on other patrons tables. The night was a great success and proves Dallas loves good BBQ.


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    I have to look at this while eating this bullshit veggie wrap I got from Baker Bros?? I hate all of you.

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