The Jellyfish Family Tree Part 4: Falkner Knocks Me Down

by Dr. Spin

Although the sign on my door said “Assistant Band Director,” I was taking an indulgent moment to cling to my past career as a rock star, and for that fleeting moment, I was feeling pretty confident. The refrain from Radiohead’s Street Spirit (Fade Out) was dying away in the speakers, and I had nailed it on piano by ear in the first run-though.

I was actually quite impressed with the elegant simplicity of the song and, emboldened, I put in another favorite: Follow Me from Jason Falkner’s 1996 release Presents Author Unknown. As seemingly simple and catchy as the song was, I thought that I might have similar success.  I was dead wrong...  it’s a dead mans party over at the pharmacy

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  1. Love me all sorts of Radiohead. And, sometimes, the simplest of songs is sometimes the most beautiful.


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