Dosa Truck Hitting Dallas Streets This Week (It’s Vegan And Very Delicious)

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There’s a new food truck in town and it is owned by the people who brought the first Indo-Chinese food truck to the DFW area, Bombay Street Food, and we have an exclusive first look at the menu. The truck will be serving 100% vegan dosas and is hitting the streets starting Thursday evening at the Sprouts on Henderson near Ross Ave. You may also find the truck Friday at the Toys for Tots food truck rally in Deep Ellum which you can find at Gaston and Elm streets.

A dosa is a versatile Southern Indian street food that is prepared with a crepe-like shell made of rice and lentils, and filled with ingredients that can be served with varying spice levels. This makes for an interesting and practical offering for a food truck, and one that fills a niche the Dallas area desperately needed.  


The new dosa truck will offer a variety of appetizers including samosas made with potato and peas then deep fried, Medu Wadu which is a deep fried Indian donut that is made with lentils and is served spicy, and Samba Wadu which is a round ball filled with carrot, onion and coconut served in a lentil soup. All these items are 4.99 for three pieces.

The dosa are served with a fresh tomato and fresh coconut chutney and served with sambar, a flavorful lentil soup that is used for dipping. Each bite should receive a bit of chutney and the sambar treatment for maximum flavor. These are definitely fun finger foods.

Most of the dosa are 6.99 and include Bombay potatoes and include other fillings such as onions and various spices.

The truck will also serve Uttappa, a thicker version of the dosa. Most of these are spicier, some made with Serrano chiles.


Everything on the truck is gluten-free and most items are vegan with the exception of the few items served with cheese. The ingredients used are mostly locally sourced and naturally organic. All the dishes can be order at various spice levels to please just about anyone.

We are excited to sample the new dosa truck and will be bringing you photos of the food later this week. Follow this truck on Facebook and Twitter for more information.


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