Dosas And Toys This Weekend In Deep Ellum

DSC04249by Steven Doyle

Last night the Dosa food truck made its debut at the Sprouts on Henderson. I tried the Paper Masala that was filled with potato,  and it was the best thing I put in my mouth in a very long time. The very large portioned crepe is crispy and wafer thin, much thinner than the other dosas found on the menu.

The plate comes with a cup of dal soup, or sambar, and also two chutneys. One of the chutneys is a bit spicy, the other is cooler with a hint of coconut. This dosa and its sides are 100% vegan and 100% tasty.  


You will have another chance to sample this new truck Saturday from 11am to 7pm in Deep Ellum. The Toys for Tots Food Truck Rally will be steeped with the latest trucks. Admission is free, but they are asking you bring along a toy, you know, for a tot.

The secret Deep Ellum location for this toy drive is at the corner of Elm and Gaston. As for me I am going to dive back into another dosa.

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One response to “Dosas And Toys This Weekend In Deep Ellum

  1. Dan H

    I don’t get dosa as a street food. There’s no way you could comfortably eat it while standing. That said, I’m happy to have improved dosa offerings around town. Most are fairly disappointing.

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