Win This: Tamales From Urban Taco

Urban-Taco-Tamalesby Steven Doyle

Urban Taco loves to make tamales and as we previously reported they have a new version for the twelve days of Christmas.

This special menu of daily changing seasonal hand-made tamales is available December 13-24, 2012.  Guests can order the daily selection during lunch or dinner as a tamale trio plate with black beans and roasted corn con crema for $9.75.  In addition to enjoying the tamales at the restaurant, place an order for any variety of tamale to go with 24-hours’ notice, with a minimum order of one dozen for $24.  


Visit either the McKinney Avenue or Mockingbird Station location in Dallas for your tamale fix. We are giving away 2 dozen of these bad boys at the end of the day. Put in your pitch and enjoy a bunch of tamales just in time for Christmas. Jot a comment below and we will randomly select today!

12 Days of Tamales Menu:
December 13 – Pollo con Mole Poblano
December 14 – Cochinita Pibil
December 15 – Simmery Guajillo Pork
December 16 – Potato Zucchini con Queso Fresco
December 17 – Frijoles y Queso Oaxaca
December 18 – Tomatillo Serrano con Pollo
December 19 – Carnitas con Mole Poblano
December 20 – Dos Equis Amber Barbacoa con Chorizo
December 21 – Guajillo Piquin con Pollo
December 22 – Chicharron Adobado con Salsa Verde
December 23 – Green Chile con Picadillo
December 24 – Chicken Tinga & Potato


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22 responses to “Win This: Tamales From Urban Taco

  1. Okay, I’ll play. I have yet to find any tamales that even come close to my grandmother’s tamales… but, she has not been with us for many years. So, put my name in the mix and we shall see. 🙂

  2. We’re always looking for new traditions – so I think tamales might be it! Sounds like a delicious plan to me!

  3. David S

    Tamales at Christmas rock!

  4. Jimmy Rogers

    Im on disability

  5. Mmmm…. tamales! Two dozen tamales? Even better!

  6. Steve M

    Nothing better than a warm tamales shared with friends – and I promise I will share with my friends this time.

  7. Monica

    My mom made such great tamales that upon eating one, the husband of one of her coworkers asked who had made them and then remarked “I didn’t know Sharon was Mexican”.

  8. yum I want to win

  9. June

    Tamales YUM!!!
    What a great tradition to start this year!
    We would be thankful for them. 🙂

  10. Jordan

    I love Urban Taco, but never tried their tamales.

  11. Rob

    Mole and Carnitas tamales sound wonderful

  12. Mari Andino

    Pick me!!!

  13. Rho

    I’m dreaming, of a Tamale Christmas….

  14. One of my favorite memories was learning to cook with my next door neighbor. She had someone come in to teach her how to make tamales. I remember standing I
    On a stool chopping onions and seeing the husks laid out on the table. I always think about this when I eat them. Would be nice to win them to share with her son in her memory.

  15. courtney valentine

    New to Dallas have yet to try urban taco!

  16. LuAnn Bergman

    Who doesn’t like tamales?!

  17. Angela Krieger

    Oh gosh they all sound so yummy!

  18. Lisa A. Lanier

    It’s true. I am half Mexican. I love Tex-Mexican food and love tamales. I wish I knew how to make them. I heard it is a very labor-intensive feat but very worthwhile.

  19. Jennifer

    Yay for free tamales!

  20. Lisa M


  21. serena dang

    Have yet to fine the winner of best tamales in Dallas. Wouldn’t mind trying these!

  22. Sofie T

    Mmm, love me some tamales!

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