Meet Mrs. Ali Hammer

ali5by Steven Doyle    photos by Thomas Garza

Our friend Ali Kay is off the market and freshly married to a fine beer, the Peticolas Velvet Hammer.  When we interviewed Ali for the original story where she announced her engagement we were at a restaurant, and our neighbors to the right of our table were horrified to learn that this young woman would marry a beer. The heart wants what the heart wants, and in this case Ali wanted a beer for life so she married one.  



The ceremony was conducted by the manager from The Common Table, Ollie DuBose, who was more than qualified to partner Ali and her 9.9% APV husband. DuBose was so inspired by the moment he broke out in song bringing the crowd of 400 to tears of joy and elation.




Ali Kay, who now goes by Ali Kay Hammer (no hyphen please) says she can’t go a day without laughing, and she tries to inspires other to join her in this merriment. The Scardello cheese-monger embraces life to its fullest, and marrying a beer just seems so natural, so right.

Mrs. Hammer will keep her husband well refrigerated in her double-tank kegerator in her East Dallas home.


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