Quarter Bar Now Featuring Revolver Brewing

quarterby Steven Doyle

A recent visit to The Quarter Bar located on McKinney netted a great beer find. The Quarter is the little NOLA-style bar that is pretty much out of its element amongst the glitzier bars on McKinney, and sets pace of all its own to provide a more intimate and comfortable neighborhood environment. The bar food is sturdy and Wednesdays you will find many selections half price. Thursday the domestic beer and wells are a mere $2, which can give you a spiritual pre-weekend bartab relief.

On this excursion we found a wealth of great beer, but one stood out among the rest, Revolver’s latest concoction “Mother’s Little Fracker”. This 7.75% ABV stout is full-bodied with a slightly sweet and roasted flavor that has a soft and creamy finish.


Revolver Brewing is located thirty-five minutes southwest of Fort Worth in historic Granbury, TX. They are a Texas family owned business founded by father and son, Ron and Rhett Keisler, along with seasoned Master Brewer and Cicerone, Grant Wood. We did a story on Revolver just before they opened the brewery, and have been impressed with each find of their delightful taps across the city.

Check out the Quarter Bar for a bright oasis of fun without all the buffoonery that is often McKinney Avenue and saddle up for a few really good beers.

The Quarter Bar | 3301 McKinney Ave, Dallas | 214.754.0099



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