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Samson’s Encased Meats To Open On Oaklawn

samsonsby Steven Doyle

There is a new dog coming to town and it has been in the making for over three years. Originally Samson’s Encased Meats was slated to open in the West Village, but the owners tell me that the deal fell through and to look for a location on Oak Lawn between Fairmount and Lemmon to open in March 2013.     

They say there will be several styles of dogs at Samson’s, a 9 inch all beef dog, naturally encased, and a veggie dog. Along with these mainstays you will also find a beef and pork dog and a Kuby’s smoked brat, all nine inches.

In addition to a promised amazing wiener, Samson’s will offer fresh in-house specialty toppings made with local produce, regional cheeses and meats. They mention that we should all particularly love their green chile chicken chili and their roasted red bell pepper hummus. All these made at a terrific value.

Owner Troy Gardner promises a small bun and a big snap. The dog gauntlet is about to be thrown down, Dallas.


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